Friday, February 13, 2009

A Dozen Roses

A rose for your mirror
You’re beautiful, don’t forget
A rose for you doorstep
I’m with you every step
A rose on your steering wheel
To carry through your day
A rose in your textbook
Makes problems go away
A rose on your lunch tray
Just to keep you guessing
A rose on our park bench
Sure, I’m obsessing
A rose with your coffee
Take a second and calm down
A rose in your pocket
To make a smile from a frown
A rose from your best friend
She’s in on it too
A rose in a letter
And a poem just for you
A rose hand delivered
I’ll stand under the porch light
A rose on your pillow
Dream of me tonight


  1. So if I had someone to give a dozen roses to this is what I would give them... a dozen roses. Too corney ladies?

  2. So, so sweet! I loved it! You have to promise me that you'll do that oneday to someone special!