Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Secrets of the Skies

Night on wings of shadow flew
Pressing down dreams and dew
The stars, cool and silent bright
Could not move upon dark Night

Luna in her mansions fair,
Sat back combing silver hair
She rose not from her grave soon
There came no light from soft Moon

Winds blew from the far west,
The night was thick with sleep and rest.
And soon Night dark and glorious
Brought rest even unto proud Boreas

Night was Queen, she ruled in black
No stars would sing, no moon attack
On wings of raven she took flight
For she had come, utter Midnight

Aurora lay neath the far plain,
Soaked with dew and the night rain
She awoke to the call of the trumpeter swan
Then sat she up, arose fair Dawn.

Solara fair with locks of gold light,
Stood and pushed the blanket of night
And as she did from her finger did come
The beating light of morning Sun

Iris lent her wings to the morning
The stars hid in the day’s forming.
And Nightshadow drew back in horror
The sun had come, shining Aurora.

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