Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Game

The board was set, squares of darkness and light
The pieces were ready, ready for the fight
The players sat down, each focused and cold
Something hung in the balance, something untold

He moved his knight, ever faithful and dear,
She moved her pawns forward in uncertainty and fear.
The air was tense as more pieces moved ‘round
No words were spoken, no kindness found

She took the rook, his castle so strong,
He took her knight to repay the dread wrong
She smiled coyly as she looked on the table
She moved her queen, the vicious and sable

She wanted the king, her end goal was clear
And so needed his queen to disappear
He moved in his knight, another castle she took
But he saved his queen when he sacrificed the rook

Eyes locked in combat, the duel of the minds
As waves of pawns fell in their battle lines
She moved her bishop, he moved his too
She moved her rooks, as she planned what to do

He took her bishop, and then the other
He set his knight up, but she saw not its brother
The knight rode in as the last rook fell
Then his plan was ready, soon all would be well

Then moved to strike the iron vixen queen
But the knight was ready, waiting unseen
He grabbed her took her before the high king
Whose queen sat beside him, not knowing a thing

The traitorous queen was locked in a tower
And that would become her eternal bower
The game was finished and he had won
He packed up the pieces and then was gone