Saturday, May 11, 2013


If my body was different 
Had less lustful appeal
Would you still love me the same

Are we being honest here? 
No, and yes I would still love you
I love you a little for your beauty 
And for the soft places of your skin
And without them I think I would
Love you, yes,  just a little less 

And my personality 
The way I think, how I react 
If that were different, would you?

Yes, and no I would love you
But maybe if it were changed for the better 
I may just love you a little more 
As terrible as that is to say
Change is not always for the worse after all

And the precious moments we share
Do you love me for the memories we make 
And if they changed would you love me less? 

Honestly still? Yes but maybe a bit more no
Those moments are the heartbeat of my passion
And my passion sustains my love 
But maybe if the moments changed I could live my days
Sustaining my love for you on just the memories 

And if I died and departed all these parts 
Would you love me still when all remained
Was the echo of my love for you inside your heart

Are we still being honest? I don't know
I have never loved so strongly 
And I have never had that heart ripped from my life 
But I like to think I would. I would try my best to still love you, even then. 

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