Friday, May 3, 2013

Changes and Regrets

I look towards you
And I wonder what it would have been like
Had we stayed in that place
Never gone to the lake
Would you still look at me now
The way you looked at me before
I can only hope so
Last week
I went to see a man of science
And he told me that there is a sign
That maybe we live ontop
Of alternative realities
In which we made different choices
And I like to think that somewhere
Sitting on top of you and me is you and me
Except they did it better than we did
And that they never had that fight
That the other you never changed like you did
And that the other me never went with the other you
To the other lake where the other man was waiting
I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense
Maybe the other me would say it better
Could you imagine if that was true
Can you imagine if we were together
Somewhere just not this here
Regretfully I must inform you
That I don't know for sure if that other place is real
Regrefully I have to say
That we do not live in that other place
That we made our choices
And this is the here and now we get to have
I wish we had never met
No I am glad we did
I wish we had never fallen in love
No I am glad we did
I wish I had never gone to the lake with you
I wish that I never had to watch you change like this

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