Saturday, May 4, 2013


Gather your pile of memories
Bring them to the table
And let them all fall out
Spread them across the woodwork
They are windows to the past
They are the paintings of yesteryear
Pick up the bad ones
And the ones with odd angles
Hold them to the light
And see if they show any more secrets
Then tear them apart
Thin ribbons of paper
Thin lines across the past
Pick apart the picture
Pick and chose what you want to keep
Throw away the garbage
Not everything painful goes in the trash
Now to the canvas
It begins with the central frame
Put down your strongest memory
Glue on what you want to define "you"
Then begins the forging of links
And the chains spread across your page
More memories
Carefully crafted to fit your narrative
Tell the story of who you were and will be
Add some lines, even if they weren't there
Add some colors where there were too much
Add a touch of whimsy because life needs it
And then take a step back
You are halfway there
Now begins the tearing
Take away the things that are too much
Take away the things you don't need to carry
Take away the things you hold the dearest
And find the beauty in a life lived in simplicity
Find the beauty in a full garbage bag
Step back again
Hold it up to the light
Your past is now a tapestry
Held together with the threads of emotions
And telling a grand story
The story of how you became you
Enjoy the picture while its here
Soon you'll get more pieces
And with each pile of new memories
You'll have to start over again
Gathering your pile of memories
Bring them to the table
And let them all fall out

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