Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sincerely And With All My Heart

Dear Mr Writer
You must think
That you're so clever
Coming up
With pretty little rymes
Thinking you can pass
As deep
For wasting everyones
Precious tymes
You aren't fooling us
You know this don't you
Your work is garbage
So why don't you quit
And with All my Love
Your Reader

Dear Mr Reader
Thank you so
For your letter
And more than that
Your honesty
I can't say I haven't tried
To seem like more
Than I really am
But thanks for reading
All the same
Maybe someday You'll get it
I wouldn't expect you to
After all
It's not like you know anything
About the process
The blood and tears
Or writing
Have a nice life
Living in mediocrity
And with all My love
Your Writer

Dear Writer
You have some issues
Have I mentioned it yet?
How egotistical must you be
To think that what you have to say
Is somehow so important
Enough that everyone should stop
And listen to you
Because its all about you
Isn't it
You could use your life
Your time here on earth
To do something worth while
Maybe actually do some good
At least do no harm
But instead
Instead you climb on your pedestal
And pretend you're god
What is it like in your little world?
And with all my lOve
Your Reader

Dear Reader,
This is my world
Will I write the right thing
Will anyone read it
Will I correct the right things
Will anyone care
Will I find the right agent
Will they read it
Will I get published
Will anyone care
Will the public read it
Will anyone read it
Will anyone care
Will I read it
Probably not
Will I care
Every second of every day
This is my little world
But its okay
If you can't see inside it
Then I'm doing my job
To make sure you don't see
The seams or the inside
Hope your perfect life is going
So much better than mine.
And With all my love,
Your Writer

Dear Writer,
I do read
More than you know
You write it
And it leaves you
And you can move on
I read it
And I carry it with me
For the rest of my life
That is your responsibility
You have made it
You have put it out in the world
You are responsible for it
Because when I was
At my darkest point
You had the gall
To come to me and say
Don't worry this is how
It is somehow meant to be
And don't worry
It gets so much worse
I hope you suffer
I hope you die
I hope someone kills you
Before you can hurt anyone else
And with all my LOVE
Your Reader

Dear Reader,
I don't know what to say
Is it sick that I'm kinda glad
To hear it impacted you so
That when I said
Things will get worse
You believed me
And believing made it so
Maybe you're right
Maybe I do have a God complex
But only because you keep reading
And reading and reading my stories
You make me a God
You are just as much to blame
We are mutually culpable.
So I guess we both should die
Your Writer

Dear Writer,
Let's fill our cups with poison.
You and me both
And we will both chose a cup
And both drink
And see who chooses the right cup
Let chance and Lady Luck
Be the great equalizer
And judge
Let them say which of us is culpable
And which one is to blame
And With All My Heart
Your Reader

Dear Reader
sincerely and with all my heart

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