Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Minefield Before Us

O Dew-eyed
You call to me to venture
Through fields I have trod before
How can I follow once more
When too recently
I have found the secrets hidden there
Lying in wait, the trap for the travelers
These fields are meant for naught but death
And yet as you walk among the bodies and the flowers
I see the new life seep into the grass again
And all things dead stir once more
And all things are remade anew
And at that song that resounded
How the dead things trembled with near life
And looked to me with hollow eyes
As the breath of life they so desired
But I cannot yet set foot again
This battlefield carries too many memories still fresh
I shall linger a while here at the demarcation line
And look with longing as you dance in the mud
Where the flowers spring up to meet your feet
And soft dew washes away spot and stain
I shall watch and long to join you
And know that I too may dance as before
But not yet
Just wait a while longer
I hear your calls to my heart
And my heart would follow your dance
Yes those waters that you cherish
Twin pools of glistening starlight
That shine when they reflect my face
How I would follow them
Wherever they would dance
Dance me away on dewdrops
That explode with morning light

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