Friday, February 10, 2012

Draconian Meditations

So many shades of venom
Spring to my tongue
To my mind

That I have mind enough
To mind what thoughts race in yours
I am thankful

But ere long the walls cannot contain
These riotous inmates of pain
And leaping like the young ruiders on the veld

They'll break from me
They'll break free
They'll break upon you like waves on the strand
And break your walls of sand

And I will console myself
And say that you pushed me to it
I shall comfort myself
And say that I am just human
But I shall not deceive myself
With these or a thousand and one other lies
For I also know myself
And how I savor each turn of the screw

So build your walls of sand
And I shall build up the venom
Until each shade is perfectly formed
Each syllable like the blade of Brutus
The heart of Judas opens to all

Compassion stays this hand for now
But her arms are ever-wide
And her wrists are ever-weak

Take to heart this warning given
Rise not the dragon's bile and derision

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