Monday, February 20, 2012

The Game

The game is on
Shall the romp commence?
Shall we move these piece?
Once again
There was a time when you were
The queen of the castle
And I merely a pawn
To bend to your persuasions
But now we are so evenly matched
You circle left
And I write
But to the end of things
Who can say
We both make plans
And try not to smile
You counter me
I step back, but forth come I
This is the dance we dance
With swords
and words
And eyes
So no banter made
No tapestry of love to weave
Shall we be rivals then
Or lover caught in sweetest heaves
I'll be a general, you be the queen
You move your pawns against mine
I command words
You command hearts
Together apart
As two dwarf stars dancing
Nearer each other
Our mutual destructions arise
So apart we keep
And dance only with eyes
But maybe destruction can also be sweet
When the dance draws closer
And our desires then meet
For destroying the self
For the gain of the twain
So now let us move this way
You this way and I that
Parallel each other's minds
Countering each other's souls
The game is afoot
And I love to play
When an excellent player's to be had
This shall be the most excellent game
The game is surely on

1 comment:

  1. Weird: I just started a story series for writing fiction about modern characters manipulating the people in each other's lives like people in a chess game. Of course, you play up the romance in this piece (very well, might I add) and the "king" and "queen" figures in my story have a more perverse relationship, but I like the line you walked here. It was intriguing :)