Wednesday, December 30, 2009

dreams and things more realer...

Pitter patter little dreams
flying round on butterfly wings
Catch them quickly now, and make your wish
This time will pass too quickly

When words and dreams weave round this place
Like growing vines that bud for us
With so much potential and sweet scented seconds
Stay a little longer, won't you please

When the warm low hum of the droning bees
Fill the sweet honeyed air of warmest summer
Beneath the old oak with its dappled canopy
Lets just stay here and let time slow down

Come away, away, step away from the window
Where frost bitten fingers play chords on the ice
Draw close now, much closer now, then ever before
Right beside me and the fire is where you belong

This time will pass too quickly
So stay longer, right here with me
Lets just let time grow even slower
Till we fall into eternity... into each others arms...

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