Friday, January 1, 2010

The Search

I began the search so very long ago
And I sought ever since with all my might
I climbed mountains, scaled valleys
And walked across many seas
I sought out the great books
The ancient tomes and old libraries

But still I could not find it

I then turned to the great ones
Wise men eloquent and ever speaking
Whose words flowed like rivers of honey
The poets of old, the troubadours as well
I climbed the distance mountain of the sage
And would offer anything, act or money

But still I could not find it

I sat in silence for days on end
Observed the stars and their deep wanderings
I learned to speak the songs of the many raindrops
And found the secret words of sun's first rays
In nature's deepest truest forms
I looked even into these secrets

But still I could not find it

I turned to the heavens to the golden winged angels
Who soar upon air of incensed perfumed
I entered the paradise so long forgotten
And tasted the nectar of the celestial immortals
And even there on paths of the music of heaven
Even there before the brazen altars empyrean

Still I could not find it

I have searched for many days and night
I have searched both far and wide
I have searched the simple and the deep things
I have looked to wisemen and those more wise
And in all this wide and winding world
In all books, and thoughts, and heartbeats

Still I cannot find adequate words
To tell you how much I love you
How my heart beats in time to yours
How I dream about you every night
And spend every waking hour longing to hear your voice
How the very fiber of my human frame
Trembles even when I hear your name
How deeply, truly, with all that is in me
How much I really do love you.