Friday, January 8, 2010

A Little Closer

Scoot a little closer
Just come right over here
Over here beside me
So I can whisper in your ear

Can I tell you a secret
Promise you won't laugh
If you promise I'll tell you
Can I trust you with what I have?

Since the first day I met you
I know it may sound cliche
But I've had my eyes on your eyes
Since that first fateful day

And can I tell you something else
Something held inside for so long
That in this whole wide world of ours
Beside you alone I feel that I belong

I know I've gone so slowly
It's been a very long road, trust me
But it's only the things which are truly valuable
That we carry so carefully

But no matter the time and miles between us
No matter what fear and doubt may come
Simply hush and close your eyes, dear
And all of these become undone

Because our hearts, they beat together
In perfect time, just me and you
So won't you scoot a little closer
And say that you love me too

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