Saturday, December 12, 2009

For now...

And when I walk alone through the night
And I feel so far away from you
I will look to the frozen stars so bright
And know that they look upon you too

And when I can't fall asleep all because
My heart's cries for you are just too loud
I will listen to one of our many songs
In the memory of your eyes peace is found

And when I wake up after dreaming of you
Bittersweet dreams falling through fingers like sand
I will find the places where your hands once rested
And by touching them, hold your hand

And when the world feels too big and the odds too steep
And the distance between us just too wide
I breathe and recall that we breathe the same air
And your memory brings you to my side

And when I look upon the rising morning sun
Basking in the brilliance and warmth of its light
It reminds me of your laugh and your smile
And this all makes waiting alright

For now...

1 comment:

  1. jean! this is amazing. definitely one of your best! and maybe my favorite poem of yours :)