Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's True

How can it be
that I can stand in a room
so crowded with people
and yet...
all I saw are your eyes
and maybe its true
yes really its true
that I could
and I would
spend the rest of my days
just in that place
with you...
talking with our eyes
breathing together
living together
life is happening
all around us, it's happening
leaves burst forth with
dancing rain in the streets
and even now
I can feel that tremble in my soul
the love that's held back
by the breaking dam of my will
ready to burst forth
ready to dance in the street in the rain
with you...
and I know
yes I know that its true
that the best things in life
come so agonizingly slow
but you know
that I know
I'd rather go slow
do this dance
the right way
then risk the chance
you might ever go away
so come along
they're playing our song
we'll just dance slow
I'm ready to go
but no matter the mood
or what we may do
just remember its true
that I will always
Love you

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