Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday, June 21st 2009 Life and the Summer Solstice

Struggling against the waves
The threaten to surround
And drown
The words within my soul
My pen anchored to the floor
Leaden, weighted
Ironed ink
No words
No thoughts
It all just sinks in my soul
The waves of tomorrow
Pressing on my today
While yesterday claws
And refuses to let go
Leaden, weighted
Ironed memories
While I thrash in the dark
For a match
Critical decisions
And decisive criticism
In a mealstrome of confusion
Its simply life
But my words grow still heavy
My muse remains shut
And bound
And leaden
And weighted
And drowned
In this sea of my circumstance
And dwindling perspective
Which sinks ever lower
Into the mire of the present
On days like today
I just long to reach out
And grab eternity
And never let go
But on days like today
Especially days like today
Eternity becomes fleeting
And I’m left all alone
In the sea of my thoughts
And my feelings
And insecurities
And the things that haunt me
Deep in the night
And so as the storm
Break over my soul
And the rains blind
My last glimpse of perspective
The time has come
To make a decision
A crucial decision
Avoid their derision
Pick a commission
Pray for some vision
This is the first step
On a very long road
That begins in this boat
And leads across breakers
And walls of water
To a distant figure
Clothed in white
And hidden in light

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