Monday, June 1, 2009

Night Rain

Sighs and thoughts
Intrude my solitude
They press upon me
Like the humid air
They beg and plead
For too many answers
While my coffee gets lower
And lower with the sun
But the promising clouds
Lie to the parched air
And shed no tears
Instead pressing harder
Upon my cup
Of bitter black coffee
Getting lower and lower
As the night draws near

The world is warm
Stifling, unbearable
And all the air begs
For the release of tension
But still no wind
…Nor drop…
Nor arch of lightning
Nothing to slice
The concrete atmosphere
The tension degrades
Into complacent decay
Festering corpse words
And expectant weariness
The world waits silently
Holding its breath
While my coffee gets lower
And lower…
and lower…

But still nothing
Still there is nothing
Nothing! Nothing. Nothing…
And now my cup
Stands alone and empty
I peer beyond the rim
And catch a single glimpse
The universe swirls inside it
For a second, for a second
I see my self
Looking into a cup
Without any coffee
Watching myself
Watch myself

And then there was light
And with it came too
Understanding and remembrance
And the eyes to see
The world from the view
The right view
And the View of views
Whose view of my cup
Was running over still
With the rains of the night

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