Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Memories of the Moon in June

Come, come, come to me my children
For I have a tale that must be told
Of a far off land of greatness and splendor
Where dwelt the dragon emperors of old

Oh the sun rises red over mountains blue
Plum blossoms drift in the sad breeze
A song echoes through forest of bamboo
Who can remember, who can forget, these

In this far away land there was a place
The greatest courtyard of stone ever seen
Two ancient gates and an ancient palace
Stood beside it, and all the ancestors between

Oh the sun has risen into the fair blue sky
Withering the blossoms of the precious plum
The day had come and the night had died
Where are you, O white shirted one?

They gathered there the bright eyed youths
To mourn a hope fallen and gone
They came in thousands to light candles
And to honor him with their hope songs

The Sun is setting, the light fades away
The breeze is cold now, the stars unmade
The heavens are red at the dying of day
And foul shadows cast now inky shades

They broke down the statue of fair liberty
They shot all the students in the square
They ran over bones and bicycles in their tanks
They told the world no one should care

Yet in darkest night rises fair Chenge’e
Yue’s silver face of hope in the night
And so their memory and bravery shine true
And no army, red or blue, can extinguish their light

Remember Tiananmen
Remember the Square
Remember the Young Ones
Who gave their lives there

Remember Tiananmen
Remember the place
Remember your principles
Do not, their memory, disgrace

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