Saturday, May 28, 2011

Here it comes

Thunder rumble
Rumble through my soul
Skies bleed
Bleed down my skin
And soak my hair
Hands fail
Fail to hold up the crumbling ruins
You ruins around me
Crack you marble
Splinter you beams
Crumble to dust
All the works of man
All the lives you have built
All the dreams you poured out
Set out
Built up
Let them all
Let them all rumble
Crumble under the sky
As the rains fall down
And rivulets run
And the flood begins
Here it comes
It comes

Hold on

The pillars will fall
The foundation is cracked
The walls are tumbling
Your nightmare is real
Your dreams are dead
They died with her
They will die forever more
The crumbling walls
Here they make your crypt
And as the light from flashing lighting
And the wet ivy falling with the tumbling stones
As the world caves in around you
What will you do?
What will you do now?

Here it comes
The flood comes
Let it in
Let it begin
The towering wall of water
Here it comes
The rumbling stampede of waves
Here it comes
The quaking earth beneath it
Here it comes
The Empty ruins forsaken
Here it comes

And the water comes
And the water comes
And the water comes
And washes you away

And the river runs
And the river runs
And the river runs
Right on through you

Through where your heart once was
Through where you once knew love

With the crashing waves
With the crashing waves
With the empty words
In your bleeding ears

When the river runs
And the rains beat your face
Into the dust with shame
Where will you be?
Do you even know?
Where will you cry?
Where will the eyes of this cold world not find you?

Here it comes
The rains and the flood
Your falling pillars
Your crumbling marble
Your dying dreams

Are you ready?

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