Saturday, May 21, 2011


I let it linger too long
Again, again
Let my heart beat too long
Again, again
And now I feel it so strong
Again, again
Is it so wrong?
So wrong?

I let it sink it so deep
So deep, so long
I let it break up
Apart, again, so long
And I can't keep it
Together, for long, for long
Can't keep repeating
again, for long, so long

Can't you see it?
So long, so wrong,
Can't you feel it?
I tried,
to speak
and again.
Each day is a battle
A fight to the end
The end
And I can't have you be there
Against me
Again and again

Can't you feel it
so long, so long, again
Can't you hear me
I'm trying
Again and again
And I won't beat it
In the end, the end
If you can't see this
My friend
my friend
the end
so long

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