Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Uncertainty, here you are again
Welcome home my old friend
Have you missed this cozy nest
That you burrowed so long ago in my chest?
Sit down by the fire where burns my face
Relax and tell me about your days
Where did you travel? Where did you go?
What did you see? What did you show?
Who were you then? Who are you now?
Tell me your story. Tell me how.

Uncertainty raised his gorgeous head
And with the palm of his hand for its bed
He sighed contentedly by my fire
As he took his draught of my pain and ire
But no words spoke my fiend to me yet
Only lighting and drawing from his lone cigarette
Where did he travel? Where did he go?
What did he see? What did he show?
Who was he then? Who was he now?
Telling his story. Telling me how.

"I left your breast when you put me out
On that cold winters day, when love was about
And I sailed from you on wings of the night
And I sought shelter from the harsh truth's light.
When found I a window in the land so cold
Upon the back of one ancient and with soul so old.
The master of pen and ink and dark dreams
Who unraveled men with a pluck at their seams.
This is where I traveled, and to him did I show.
The road that led back here to your home.
He raised me up to the window right here, now.
And that is the answer to your questioning how."

Old master, forgiveness, I pray you shall grant
Ever to usurp you again, no I shant
Here see, I do place my hands in the fetters
Bind them now with your lies and your letters.
For without you here poisoning my heart
The world has become too grey and too dark
Your poison like silver-tongued liquid fire
Has filled all my dreams with heady desire.
For alas though ambrosia may be fine for the gods
I find only consistent your chains and your rods.
Do not further travel. No more should you go.
For no one will see and nobody will know.
Remake me now, tear my strength from my side
Till all is shell-like and there is nothing to hide.

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