Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Mute

I tried
he said
as he held
his head
in his hands
with his face
to the sun
eyes closed
breath forlorn
and the world just spun round
and it did not care
and it did not cry
and we all know why

I can't
he said
as he hung his head
with the shame and sorrow
that seeped and bled
from within his pores
and out of his eyes
that he tried to hide
with a bleeding smile
But the world did not care
and the world did not cry
and we all know why
We believed the lie

Please don't
he strained
as he pushed
in the rain
against the onrush of dispair
as the hail soaked his hair
while the cool running streams
of his dead and dying dreams
pour in rivulets down his back
pour like oil upon the sand
and the world did not care
and the world did not cry
because we all know why
there is strength in a lie
In slumber we lie

In slumber we lie
he cried as he died
while he pushed all away
and would no more touch
the scars on the sand
beneath the old rugged cross
and broke the iron rings
and broke the coiled bones
and reached for the stones
deep inside of his mind
where they bleached by his tongue
were coated red with blood
and he traced on their round face
the lost longing embrace
that he would never again see
and that he lost when found he
the last place on the earth
where the world did cry
and where the world did care
because he saw in his hand
the pen that wrote the lie.

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