Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Touch of the touched

So close
Enough to
and Touch
and touch
and touch
Fingers sprinting through space
Skin within our skin
Yearning to break
To reach
to Touch
to touch
to touch
that place between
that place within
that way we've been

I can't
I shouldn't
Must not
The space
The air
The skin
No reach
no Touch
no touch
no touch

But I yearn
I long
I am so thirsty
To feel the touch of another human being
To feel the skin
To know where you are
To reach beyond
to touch beyond
to touch the beyond

I will restrain myself
I will contain myself
I will slowly slay myself
With rope and rule and rhymes
I will not reach
I should not reach
Enclose the space
Enclose your throat
Touch your lungs
One must go
You or I
One must stay
So this is the way
I relinquish this hold
I let you slip away
The space growing
The yearning glowing
But restraint
Always restraint
Be free as a bird
Go where you may
I shall not cage you
With my affection
My need to reach
To touch your hand
I will contain
I will restrain
and bare the pain

In lonely nights
When winds cut my soul
I wished you where there
As if you could make me whole
When no blanket could cover
The bareness of my pain
When no shroud could hide
The anguish of my name
But no friend showed
No matter how hard I prayed
Only fiends glowed
In the nightime's shade
Then I most yearned
To reach for your hand
To pull myself up with
So that once more I could stand
But I coudn't and can't and never will
Grasp at your hand as I would
For fear that once more
As I reach for some strength
That hand is withdrawn
And I am left here alone
Touched by the might
of the single
the lone
the touch
of the touched.

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