Thursday, July 22, 2010

Listen to me

So, I've been working at the same desk in the library now for the last few weeks, and have come to find literally hundreds of messages written or carved into it all over (and under) the desk. So I decided to string some together in this (I guess) social poem. Those clumped together were written below each other, seemingly in response to each other so I treated them as sets.

Listen to me

Why write on desks?
Why not?

Listen to Third Uncle
Listen to Bill Hicks
Listen to Bob Dobbs
Will you listen to me?

I wanted to write something
But couldn't

Listen to me

You sat here to watch girls play soccer
Today is boys lacrosse
Are all the Ref's FAT?
A couple of dudes are throwing a football
Not today.
Today the field is empty.

Listen to me

I've been thinkin that mebbe use is stupid for reading the desk
Who wrote this? "use"? "mebbe"? arn't you in college?
LOL you spelled "aren't" wrong, moron.
Were you hoping a 5 year old would sit here?
He's a darker race ;)
Are you an ignorant f***?
Hardly. Listen to his vocabulary.
Racism is a sign of lesser ignorance, not deeper.
F*** all you n*****!!
Sleep tight, morons
You're mean
Listen to Boom Rap Project

Listen to me

Anne with all her heart will forever love Justin
(crossed out) (twice)

1 more week?
Are you sure?
Cours. Are you?
I don't know. Its too fast.
Just 2 more days!
Find me later. This isn't going to work out.

Happiness or lovely flower?

Just a thought.

Listen to me

I sat here for awhile
and did what I was
suppose to so
then I did what
I wanted

Listen to me

Please don't burn me




Alone now

Why does it hurt so much to be alone?

Listen to me

Can anyone hear me?
If you can, hear me, listen to me, love me
Listen to me

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  1. Dude this is amazing. Such a brilliant social commentary.