Monday, July 12, 2010

Incomparable Garden

Golden seed sown by autumnal hands
Twixt warmest beatings hearts in twain
Brooding on the whispers of delicious light
Nesting in woven cacoon of lucient smiles

Summer dew ran on lines of spider silk
Gathering in orbs of dazzling light
Dripping tears of secret awakening
Upon unquenchible grounds of questioning

And like the laughing cataracts of the Nile
Seeped down through the hard wintry cracks
Foaming richly in the black warm earth
To slowly dissolve the cacoon round the precious gem

Green spring in full-throated song errupts
Sweet blushing life leaping from the font
Making feint tendrils to curl round the towering stalk
Whose single rose intoxicates the air with love

Many a-flower around this garden round
Reach towards azure heaven with sighing pant
But none compare to the ever-blooming one
Of golden seed sown by autumnal hands

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