Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Mirror Dialogues

It's so raw
Like a gaping wound
Sticky around the edges
A question better left unasked
But you will
So ask away
And give them away
Because there is no other
Here they come
The shadow steps of the past
The ones you scorned
You dared
To think
You dared to really think
You were better than them
And so their world was closed to you
No you closed your world to them
And all that's left is phatom figures
Dancing on the otherside of the glass
And no one to dance with you
And you feel it don't you
You know it's true
You know that love is passing you by
You know that you are screwing it up
Not just the love of love
The love of the friends
Who have always been there
Just waiting for you to step down
Off your stupid fucking pedestal
Just waiting for you to reach out
And take their hands
But you won't
Because you honestly think
I honestly think
That we are better than them
Oh where did we go wrong?
When did I make you and step behind the curtain
To pull levers and push buttons 
The problem is with this new metal skin
I cannot feel the touch of my own tears
Because I cannot feel
And I cannot touch
And I cannot cry
At least
That was the lie
But who will listen
They cannot hear though the glass of our life
And so instead you stand there and act
You keep all your parts together
Even when they are threadbear and falling apart
You glue yourself together with paperclips and gum
And slowly try to make sure they cannot see you fall apart
Is this it then?
Is this what we signed up for?
Shall I let you keep doing this? 
Is my pride so recalcitrant? 
Only he who built the pedestal can break it
Maybe you cannot break it 
But maybe I'm not actually willing either
This brush with mortality
I see them wither outside like april flowers under summer day's breath
And say behind my glass I am not touched
But maybe yearn to be touched
Maybe I yearn to be breathed on
Maybe I yearn to be killed
I don't know
We are alone together in here
You and I
Me and My Mirror
But which is which?
Am I the real one, the one questioning, the one who wants to die
Or am I the fake that wants to die so the real can live?
Are you the real one the one who acts and cannot feel a thing
Or are you the fake with your tearless eyes and metal skin
Maybe mortality is near and we are all clueless 
Maybe there is no glass, just air
Am I mime trapped in my box?
Am I dying like the rest of us?
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the soul my Lord to keep
But maybe if I'm lucky and I'm right
I'll die as I lie to sleep tonight
No soul my soul to blight

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