Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pieces of Potsherds

I shall not let that sorrow inside
I shall not let the clouds bear fruit
Falling fast towards parched ground
I shall not give this same relief
Unto my aching heart, my grief

I shall not let the dam held shut
Be broken open before the world
Whose eyes of pity, whose eyes of scorn
Whose eyes I despise, I shall not break

I shall not let that held back fall
I shall not break I shall not shed
I shall not show I shall not cry
I shall not cry, no, no, I shall not cry

No mark to mar the mask of smile
I shall not bear my shoulders down
I shall not look forlorn to earth
I shall not look forlorn to heaven
I shall not look forlorn to man
I shall not cry, I shall not cry

But keep this ocean in my soul
Let gale winds rise, let storm seas toss
The floodwaters come, they rush they roar
The dam is breaking, the eyes shimmer

No! Hold firm! Do not let it show!
A deep breath. Eyes burn and they close.
And as the sea dies down inside
Everything falls into the black void

The soul becomes so small
And drifts without sight of end
Through the obsidian nothing
Floundering, slowing, lathargic, dying

No more feelings no more sorrow
No more anger, joy, peace, hope, true
But no more sorrow, no more crying
There can be no broken dam without a dam to break

But times, there are times,
When this floating, floundering soul
Finds itself in a sudden squall of sorrow
And screams to be known

When comes the hour of the blade
Let the tears now be blood
Let all the words that need be written, write
Let the soul return to darkness from this light

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