Thursday, December 2, 2010

Of Masks and Tombs

I like masks
They comfort
They hide
They hug your face
And when you wear a mask
No one can see
When you smile or frown
No one can see
What your face looks like
No remarks of beauty
No marks of deformed
No they cannot touch you
When you wear the mask
And mask not only
Hide your face
So they cannot know you
They can never know you
But these beautiful masks
These wonderful masks
They make it so
That no one can see
No they will never see
When you cry
So wear the smile
And go about your business
Wear the smile
And don't let them see you slowly decay
Slowly die
and cry
Don't let them in
Don't let them know you
Don't let them see
Man's eyes have always been weakness
Do not let their weakness come to me
Masks are heavy
Masks are warm
They sit upon the ground
All hard as stone
And upon them are carved the words of smiles
And upon them are carved the lines of eyes
And upon them are caved 1990-2025
And beneath them the earth saggs and sighs
And beneath the earth there lies
Sleeping under all that
There where no one can see
There where the mask has hid
There only there
Can we cry

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