Friday, April 2, 2010


Eyes open
Floating in the void
Floating in the darkness
The beat of the drum
Of the pulse
Of the blood in your ears
The beat of the breath
Burning in your lungs
Screaming to escape
Dying to get out
Movements are slothful
Slow and morose
Treading the water
Tulgey and black
With faint blue horizons
A hint of seaweed
Whafes before your eyes
Burning in the water world
Trapped in the ice all around
Kick, legs moving slow in the molasses
Kick and swim for the surface
Hurry, swim up towards the surface
Lungs aching
Eyes tearing
Hurry, faster, to the surface
To the surface
To the sky
No sky
No surface
No breath for the breathing
The pounding
The feeling
The surface is solid
No surface this is
The ground, the bottom
You swam the wrong way
Kick for the surface
Swim the other way
But another ceiling
Another floor
Which is it
Where are you in this watery world
Breath almost spent
Head pounding with the thought
You are trapped in the water
You are trapped in the dark
You cannot get out
You are running out of air
No more kicking
No more swiming
The movements die down
No more aching
No more pounding
The blood has stopped now
And the waters around you
Grow an eerie shade of black
As the edges of your eye sockets
Dull into the buzz
Mouth open
Waters flood in

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