Monday, March 29, 2010

Rant... please disregard....

So many morons, so little time

Please, dear reader, disregard this rhyme

Compassion is a value that I strive to attain

But my grace is still limited, so I write this refrain

So many morons, I don't know where to start

Like poison in my veins, they curse my art

They who have mouths that are just too wide

Who don't know when to just keep their words inside

To be considerate, is that too much to expect?

To not open your mouth, to your own soul's regret?

How easy it is to pronounce opinions as fact

How easy for the morons is this moronic act

But what do you show when you open your jaws

That you make your pronouncements without just cause

That you simply parrot the words you have heard

No matter how illogical or how truly absurd

Lets take for example this issue of grace

To look upon the needy, hurt, crying face

And simply pronounce as the judge cruel and cold

That the fault is theirs and absolves you of what you're told

When you're told to love freely, to show grace unto all

When you're told to reach the needy and those who did fall

When you yourself have been saved from the darkest of sins

How dare you pass judgement based on one of your whims!

Another moronic acts draws painfully near

The one who gets mad and makes it all clear

Unto the world, he speaks in his malice and contempt

Laying bare before all his hatred and resent

But beneath that layer of thin guised ire

Reveals he to all that he has no desire

To learn the truth of what he's been told

That he'd rather listen to others, as long as they're old

Now no disrespect to the ancients with snow on their heads

But too many have observed the world from within their beds

Made with malice, contempt, bigotry, and lies

And have not wisdom to trade for their blind, aching eyes

Some definitly do, but some definitly do not

So age should not be where all knowledge is got

But instead in seeking out many points of view

To understand what says many, and what says few

There is wisdom in diverse council, the preacher did say

But they seek not true wisdom, they do not know her way

They walk through the streets beating their brass drum

While waving their banners to declare they are dumb

So why do I get so angry and upset

That the stupid should stupidity beget?

For know we not trees by the fruit that they bear?

So its no surprise to find moronic behaviors there...

But its that same compassion, mentioned before

That sees where they are, the road and the door

That if they'd simply walk down, and step through the gate

There wisdom, compassion, and love does await

But here I stand on the other side of that portal

Reaching out to them with my hands of vorpal

But they are so close, and yet so far away

And so on and on it goes, with each passing day

Sometimes they wander within a hairs breath of my hand

Other days they turn around, and return to darkness' land

And so I write this, to say, not judgement on their heads

But to remind myself no matter how dark they make their beds

That my compassion must endure, even if for only a day more

Because of the hope, another will come through the door.

Wisdom wanders through the streets and she cries

That she is free for all, if only he tries....

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  1. He, this was pretty darn awesome, Jean!