Thursday, August 8, 2013

We Can Only Speak Through Song

Pluck long cold roses from the ground
Grind them up between your breasts
Hold their powder in your heart
And bleed out the words that were his kiss
And know that he never really loved you
Know that his heart was double from the start
Know that you almost changed him
Know that at some point his heart was true
But know that in the end he truly chose to run away
That he made the choice long before he met you
That he is making that choice right now
That he is currently planning exactly how
How he'll break the new to break your heart
As delicate and exactly as he can
To grind the glass of your heart fine
Into thin white powder like snow
And he is conceited enough to think
To think that he is being kind to you
To let you come to your conclusions yourself
No hard word form him, no reason to hate him yet
Words that misslead and confuse
Words and words and words are toys to him
He can't see how they form the key to unlock your heart
He can't see how he's wrapping your being within himself
And when he tries to rip it apart, he won't tear all of him out
He'll leave memories and words and places like wedges
And you'll carry them like scars on your body
And when you touch them move them too hard
They'll push further into your heart of hearts
And when they settle there, if you don't push him out all the way
They'll fester and poison all loves after that
He cannot see the cruelty of his game
Or maybe his heart is as dark as he has clained
This is the only way we can warn you, child
The monster has silenced our mouth but not our mind
And we can still call to you across the way of words
The way he thinks he owns but free thoughts still roam in wild places
And this message we have carried far and under greatest threat
To tell you, beware the darkness in his eyes, the evil in his head
Head your instincst that tell you something here is just not right
Listen to the voice that tells you to cut hi off and run away
Before you regret your choice and you arrive at the accursed day.

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