Friday, July 6, 2012


O the Keeper of my Heart Yes You Who else but You Who formed my heart And made the mold Of my love You who shaped my youth And wrought in my bones The craving for Your voice Who else could burn Words on my heart Who else could etch Their name into my bones But You Who else could ever own me But the one who made me As the most recalcitrant of stallions And then broke my knees So I could call You Master Were this any other bond Any human to another I would call it unhealthy And You are so unhealthy to me Time and time again You say You'll need leave me And then You lie Sure they'll blame me But this is between You and I And we know the truth I was not the one who stepped away I was not the oath breaker The step taker The heartbreaker I was the fool The one who blindly believed You When You said Draw near and so will I When You said Beloved But while the rest will speak of deserts And dry times While the rest can be complacent And just sit by My heart breaks Breaks, do You even hear O Lamb of Jacob Because of the Pain You have brought Take it all away Life has no more taste Not since You turned away And don't turn back now Because You have done the unthinkable You have taken the heart that was placed Into Your trust And You have broken that trust And no eternity Nothing Nothing can ever mend it How can I ever trust You again These are the words They have burned in my throat For years now But never did I dare speak Because deep down I stilled believed That You Yes You My love Would come back And prove me wrong Night after night I begged You To prove me wrong To show up On Your white horse To save the day And reprimand me And say that if I'd held on just a big more Your actions would have been vindicated But the harm has gone too deep It no longer makes me sweet I wanted nothing but to please You You have shown me That You could care less about me And I can no longer do this I can no longer go on My heart has been broken by You Utterly You have left me a shell of myself How can a shell be any kind of witness To a love worth finding No as long as I remain I stand as a testament to Your love Not exactly what You would want So I shall fade as well And sleep with my fathers And if ever I meet You again Don't Don't do it For my sake I could not bare it again Do nothing else but this Hide Your face if You must But do my heart no more harm Do not show Yourself again Because if You do Your presence will destroy me Completely

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