Friday, March 9, 2012

The Hunter and the Raven

You were the raven
When I was just a lad
I saw you rise
Over tall tree tops
You soared with black feathers
That gleamed like the night
And you sang that song
That my heart longed to hear
You stayed in the tree
Above the home of my youth
I would sit in it's shade
And bask in your song
But then your wings grew
And too soon you did fly
So far from that tree
And my house at it's base
And the farther you flew
With each beat of your wings
The notes of the song
Were dimmed in my mind
And I longed for the song
Though I knew not it's chords
And the seasons did pass
And I grew into a man
Mighty hunter of the land
And the trees no longer
As tall as before
I was out among them
When I heard it again
Your song on the wind
You winged back to me
And it was so sudden
That I could recall all
Each note and each phrase
Your song was my all
And I would sing it
And you would come
Always to the sound
The sound of my song
But again as you flew
The song began to fade
So I made a dark plan
To never lose the song again
I chose thickest vines
And using ancients designs
I made my net fast
Locked with the elder's rhymes
Nothing could escape
The perfect trap I did lay
I waited for you return
Then finally came the day
When you floated by
On the forest's wind
Between trees and light
Your form glided in
And as the song started
Again my heart leapt
But the trap was set
And the net descended
Now you were mine
Caught in my trap
Bound by my knots
Never to leave again
But as I rose to claim you
Your song now to be mine
You sang something different
And shone with light
And you were transformed
There before my eyes
Your feathers unwrapped
To reveal pale skin behind
No ordinary bird were you
No this was now plain
You are the Maiden of the Raven
And I had captured you
But when you transformed
Into your maidenly form
The net was too tight
And in struggling I saw
It tighten further
Around your pale neck
And I knew the for certain
My net would be your end
For if I let you fly
Your song would leave too
And I would hear never again
Your voice on the wind
And I knew if I kept you
You'd struggle in vain
And the net would still tighten
And you'd die for my gain
But ere my mind could be made
Your eyes glistened and then
From their ever fonts sprang
The tears my heart rent
For your tears raven maiden
Like no tears before
Were black as the night
As they dripped down your jaw
For ink were your tears
And two ink pools you cried
As the net slowly tightened
And as I knew I would die
When I unleashed my knife
Of coldest made stone
And advanced on you maiden
And knelt beside you alone
With a flash of the knife
The deed was quickly done
The ropes were severed
And my heart was undone
And as quick as a flash
Your feathers returned
And you sprang upon wings
And the wind was heard
You sang your song
One last time as you flew
But then I knew at once
What I ought to do
I knelt by the pools
Of tears that you shed
And using that ink
I wrote down as led
For the song you sang
Would fade in my mind
But I had it for now
Even if just for a time
And I wrote down your song
Oh raven maiden I wrote
And made sure to recall
Each and every single note
And then when the song
Had departed from my mind
I could sing it again
And remember your smile
And you came back to me
In answer to the song
And I knew then just how
I had been foolish and wrong
For one cannot capture
A creature so fair
That flies on enchantment
As the maiden did there
With knots and ropes
These tools will not do
No only with words
Could I capture you

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