Monday, September 26, 2011

We Implore Thee

Now hear this word
That we dare to ask
Dare to utter
O Utterness of All

Now wait for us
we are so slow
Slowly we begin to see
O Seeing of All

What would u have of Me?

O Utter-Seeing
O see Utterly
See what we have become
See and do not see away

What would u have of Me?

we are so tired
Yes we can barely stay awake
And yet still
we cannot sleep

we are hungry
Oh so hungry for something
And yet we cannot
Cannot force ourselves to eat

What would u have of Me?

we are thirsty
Oh we thirst to death
And yet water has become
Like a poison to our lips

No ointment for our wounds

What would u have of Me?

No balm for our bruises

What would u have of Me?

No cure for this plague

What is it to Me?


What is it to Me?
Look about u
u who do not deserve
Even as many letters as u
Torment will be ur bread
Salt tears will be ur drink
Make which ever bed u will
But only nightmares will I visit on u
Look here I fill a world for u
And then I shall take it away
And then I shall replace it again
With this right hand
With this left cosmic yoyo
And if u dare not trust Me
After I am done with My play
My plan
Far worse will I do to u
Be humble!

we are humble


we are thankful


we are nothing but dust


we are nothing but vapor


we are nothing
THOU art everything

Now what would u have of Me?

For thou are everything
And we are nothing

It is very good

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