Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Silver Bullet

Get your hands off me
Let go of your grip
Your fingers have pried into my soul
And you stain my heart with your touch
Your grip is strangling me
And I can't bare the feel of your skin
You leave these fingerprints on me
And though I try to wash them they turn black and blue
And I can't stay here anymore
As I slowly turn into you
You cling too tight
You won't let go
You leave this shadow looming large
Spreading from my past
And bleeding like ink
Across the page that was supposed to be my story
The empty place you have left
It breathes hauntingly on my every thought
The vacancy is always a step behind me
A step before me
Trapped in between who you were supposed to be
And who I will become
And as this full moon rises
And the veins begin to beat with fire
As the fangs grow long and I howl in desire
For the blood that you spilled once too
Will I catch my reflection in time
In time to see what I have become
The monster I have become
That I have become you?
Let the moon never rise again
Let me never again see the night
Let the sun burn away
Away all that lurks inside
The light of the day that scorches the earth and burns the grass and starves the rivers and kills the earth
Immolate the beasts beneath the skin
And let only ashes remain
For you to stick your fingers in
Build your doppleganger from them if you will
But just let go, let go of your grip on me.

1 comment:

  1. Wow...pretty much-- just wow. This was so entrancing, I can't really even comment much on structure because I forgot to pay attention when I was lost in that awesome imagery. Serious imagination.