Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I write my morning down

Right there in my journal

Line by line I remind myself

I remind myself of the dreams I have dreamt

Of the places I’ve been, the friends I’ve made

I write the morning song

Of the bird outside my window

I write the sweetest taste

Of coffee flowing through my soul

I write my morning sunshine

Or promises long made

Or the self I want to be

I write myself, my story


The day rises up to meet me

And I write my life as I go

Across the yellow sticky notes

Line by line the times and places

Reminders and long lost faces

Scrawled across my planner

Cross out, white out, redo

The plans that run together

Before they just run out

The thoughts that run in circles

The time that slowly runs round

As I run from here to there

Running, writing on the go,

My life writes right along

I forget the pen, the paper,

I forget the words, the phrases,

I forget that life writes right along

As the clocks go on winding


As as the days draw darker

And the sun fades from the sky

I seek out my muse in the secret

And in the darkest soil find birth

Rich treasure delved from depths

Unspoken and unseen

This pen, it is my shovel

My muse my guide, my guardian

I who wakes me in the night

We fight and wrestle

Till morning’s hour

We break the yoke and fly

Till the touch lands on my shoulder

And the strength shrinks goodbye

Building sand into marble

Line by line the tower towers

While slowly slumber claims my soul

To take it lower lower deeper


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