Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today Is A Practice Wearing the Colour Red

Today is a practice wearing red
I place red shoes upon my feet
I pull red shirt over my heart
I tug red ring around my middle finger
I even wear red underwear too
Because today is a day for practice
Today is a practice in red
And if what I have read on the subject of red
Has led me to bed understanding whats said
By the colour red I mark my every breath
Keep time, time time
Red time keep up
Keep strong
Red Strong
Red goes on
Today I will practice wearing this red
This hat, this face, these fingers are red
This nose, those eyes, these beatings are red
This heart, this mind, these motives are read
Snow known by nothing other else in the world
Than Birds who bask upon its dewy down
Red needs practice
It leaps in the eye
It flares nostrels
Breaks jaws
Looses hearts
and loses them too
All of these and more, oh red,
All of these are wrapped in your fillements
They wind around your center
Like the slow turning of the planets
That I should take the galaxy of red on my shoulders
Heft it high and strong upon my back
Would it break these bones in futile anguish?
Should attempts be made when no gain could come?
There is a gain which is not immediate
There is a gain which is not tangable
There is a gain that is not a gain and never will be again
Red spinning stars around me
I take them all upon me and feel their burn
Cool and flicker, they lick me red up and down
They coat me in their red until I am red as they are
I look down and see in a world of grey and black
Red. Fire engine red. It sits heavy on my coat
and seeps out into the surrounding pages
It leaves a red trail, a watermark, a bloodmark
where I have trod.
So that today
As I take this red upon me
and practice it
Today I embrace
Embrace the redness
Redness of the soul
Redness of the human being
I embrace all of these
I do not claim my body
I do not claim my soul
I do not claim my footsteps
Or the echoes of my fingers
But I drape red over all of them
Like the bodies in a morgue
I lay them to rest neath the vale of red
That they may be in peace now.
I pull the same red veil over my face
It is the final curtain of the act
Today is a practice in red
A practice in wearing the red.
Today is a practice in wearing the colour red.

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