Monday, November 9, 2009

When Selene Saught Her Endymion

Oh Moon in the heavens searching for Endymion
Search for him anywhere else, look to anyone
For this shepherd you found is not what he seems
But son of Hypnos and Anemoi, the thing of dreams
A god of mists that sleeps where you see him now
Do not stir him with your words so loud
For you think he sleeps and will wake to your kiss
But he is already woken, the signs you have missed
And he remains prostrate, to allow you still time
To leave him graciously, to not commit this crime
For he is not your Endymion, no matter what you think
He belongs to another, cease your smiles and your winks
He is already woken by another's sweet touch
Leave now, do not embarrass yourself more, too much
Already your blunt hammer falls have been heard
And forced into his mouth your own twisting words
But he is the mist, and the dream, and the cloud
He is not like you, so blunt and so loud
He walks no straight line, but always circles round
O Moon do not disturb the sleeper on his mound
Leave him in his little house of birch
And go seek you, a different branch to perch
For your true Endymion is within this flock
He is also a shepherd in similar frock
Open you eyes, O Moon, and see him there
He knows how, for your heart, to truly care

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